My Personal Thoughts on EQN Landmark

When it first was announced, Landmark was never supposed to have combat, and it was meant to be much more focused and devoted to overall world exploration along with building and creating different things. The combat system implemented into the game during beta drives Landmark into a standalone game, especially … Continue reading

Current Leveling System in Landmark

Landmark, a new multi-player sandbox building game from the makers of EverQuest, doesn’t have a traditional leveling system. In most MMORPGS, a player will earn experience points from completing tasks, such as killing monsters. Once a certain number of points are achieved, the player advances to the next level, usually … Continue reading

EQNext Guide to Class and Character Development

The developers of Everquest Next are so far progressing with the intent to do away with the traditional concept of leveling. A character’s base attributes can be permanently increased, all of which will offer benefits in different ways to different classes. Classes can be advanced individually through a tier system, … Continue reading

Guide to Class Advancement in EQN

Players who want to get started with EverQuest Next need to know basic details about the class system and how it works when playing the game. The game features multi-classing for players which offer an assortment of available strategies. Review a few things about the class system in EverQuest Next. … Continue reading

EQNext: What We Know So Far

We know that it is a fully featured MMO that is in the EverQuest franchise. It is all about online adventures. EQN will host multi-class, a freshly rebooted Norrathian lore, and will emphasize horizontal development. This is a community connection-based game. There are some voiced fears about this, in the … Continue reading